Personal safety support for ridesharing drivers

by Secure2Go Administrator|July 3, 2016

It used to only be a taxi driver issue, but the problem of aggressive and violent passengers is now having a significant impact on ridesharing drivers also.

It is known that there are frequently multiple attacks on ridesharing drivers across any given weekend. However, because of the illegal nature of ridesharing in some states, and the lack of support from the ridesharing companies, attacks on person and property remain significantly underreported.

Perth-based tech company Secure2Go’s personal safety wearables, originally developed for taxi and other transport drivers, are now being used by ridesharing drivers across Australia. The SilentSignal smartwatch enables users to discretely send out an alert in the event they require assistance.

Following a series of recent attacks in Brisbane, where ride sharing is still illegal, Secure2Go has begun providing its smartwatches to drivers as an additional form of protection, along with useful information on how to keep safe and reduce risks.

“The safety of drivers is of great concern and we have seen these efforts as an important initiative to help reduce the risk of harm to rideshare drivers, as we have done for taxi drivers over a number of years,” said Wes Lawrence, Managing Director of Secure2Go.

A ridesharing driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, believes the smartwatch will help him stay safer out on the roads. “The issues faced by ridesharing drivers are very real. I feel much safer knowing there is a way for me to discretely reach out for help in the event I find myself in a risky situation.”

For more information on Secure2Go’s SilentSignal solution, visit silentsignal.me.


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