SECUREdrive solution creates better efficiency for transport companies

by Secure2Go Administrator|July 6, 2016

Companies with large or growing fleets are always looking at ways to operate more efficiently and create savings of both time and money. This is especially so in our current economic climate.

Perth-based tech company Secure2Go has developed a solution to help improve business efficiency within the transport industry. Known as SECUREdrive, the solution is currently being used by transport companies in Western Australia with very positive results.

Using connected technology with independent power and communications, SECUREdrive enables management to quickly locate each individual trailer or piece of equipment, whether it is out on the road or in the depot. The system software can also provide scheduled and on-request updates of the trailer or equipment’s location.

“Our technology is all about improving efficiency and giving peace of mind,” said Managing Director of Secure2Go, Wes Lawrence. “Having this kind of information available to a business in a very simple and cost effective manner, helps them to better manage their resources and plan their schedule more effectively,” he said.

For more information on the SECUREdrive solution visit secure2go.com


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