Bus driver safety

by Secure2Go Administrator|September 14, 2016

The transport industry is considered to be one of the most dangerous in Australia and the main reason for this is because many workers are alone. One group within this industry whose safety is of ongoing concern are bus drivers.

In Queensland, a recent survey conducted by the Transport Workers Union of 1000 bus drivers found that 96.5% of bus drivers have been abused and 89.4% have experienced intimidation.

More than 20% had been attacked physically while driving and 36% had passengers assaulted on their buses.  These results are alarming.

Ron Van Baaren, Managing Director of WHS Solutions believes the safety of bus drivers is not isolated to Queensland and needs to be addressed nationally.

“There is a duty of care requirement by the contractor to give bus drivers a form of communication if there is an emergency and they need assistance urgently,” said Mr Van Baaren.

“A wearable security device is the best option as it will enable the driver to reach out for help quickly and discretely in an emergency.”

Perth-based technology developer, Secure2Go, has a portfolio of solutions including the SilentSignal 3G Android wristwatch which has been developed with lone workers in mind. The SilentSignal device is different to other smartwatches in that it has independent GPS, SIM and phone chip and does not need to be paired with a mobile phone.

“Protecting lone and mobile workers who are at risk is a priority for us at Secure2Go,” said Wes Lawrence, Managing Director of Secure2Go.

“Our connected devices enable workers to stay in contact with their base through regular reporting of location and activity, duress signals and voice to voice communication in the event of an emergency. If needed, we can even enable a particular configuration of message delivered through the vibrate motor in the watch. For example, the watch can be configured to vibrate 3 times to confirm that help is on the way.”

Secure2Go delivers connectivity, safety, security and peace of mind to people and businesses.

For more information on SilentSignal or any of their other solutions, visit secure2go.com

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