SECUREdrive increasing efficiency for Australian car dealerships

by Secure2Go Administrator|September 14, 2016

Car dealerships across Australia require a significant level of efficiency to operate effectively. Managing a large number of vehicles can present a number of challenges, including locating a specific vehicle.

Perth- based tech company Secure2Go has developed a solution known as SECUREdrive to help car dealerships locate each vehicle any time, whether it is out on the road, at the depot or somewhere in the yard.

Using connected technology with independent power and communications, SECUREdrive is a reusable and portable system with a $0 install cost. The solution is currently being used in vehicle dealerships across Western Australia with very positive results.

“SECUREdrive helps all departments from stock management to my sales team who know where the car they are selling is so they can show the customer what they are buying that day and close the deal on the spot. This not only saves my dealership thousands in time spent locating cars but also helps to ensure maximum efficiency in sales,” said Mr Paul Davies, Dealer Principal at Melville Holden.

“Our technology is all about improving efficiency and giving peace of mind. Dealerships will have a number of vehicles which all look the same and SECUREdrive will enable them to identify and locate each one quickly and easily. Having this kind of information available to a business in a very simple and cost effective manner, helps them to better manage their resources and operations more effectively,” said Secure2Go Managing Director, Wes Lawrence.

For more information on the SECUREdrive solution visit www.secure2go.com

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