High tech solution to building site theft

by Secure2Go Administrator|December 12, 2016

Perth technology company Secure2Go has joined forces with some of Western Australia’s biggest building companies to combat theft from building sites and display homes.

With theft costing WA builders and their customers millions of dollars every year, the industry is taking a high-tech approach to tackling the problem.

Secure2Go is supplying small devices that can be hidden within commonly-stolen items inside homes that are being built or that are newly-completed.

The company’s SECUREasset system activates when items are moved outside a designated zone, making it easy for authorities to track and retrieve them.

Secure2Go has partnered with security company Meridian Services to deliver the high-tech approach as part of the building industry’s BUSTED WA anti-theft initiative. Major residential builders ABN Group, BGC, JWH Group and Summit Homes have come on board.

Secure2Go Chief Executive Officer, Wes Lawrence, said the company had developed a range of devices, some of them as small as a 50 cent piece, which transmit a signal via cellular networks and other RF technologies.

“Our focus is on developing products that provide peace of mind to our customers,” Mr Lawrence said. “This is a great example of how an industry and indeed the broader community can benefit from an innovative and collaborative approach to tackling crime.

“The advantage of the technology is that everyone involved benefits – except of course, the person stealing the items from a building site.”

Secure2Go is working towards an ASX debut in December 2016 with the ASX code ‘S2G’. The IPO will result in a market capitalisation for Secure2Go of approximately $20 million.

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